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Sport Conditioning & Rehabilitation

We work together with athletes and their multi-disciplinary team to achieve the best possible outcomes as part of their training programmes and rehabilitation.


Intermittent Vacuum Therapy

Intermittent Vauum Therapy (IVT) is the new method of boosting regeneration and rehabilitation from the realm of space medicine and is already a hit with world-class athletes and top football, rugby and hockey clubs doing everything they can to improve their performance.

Exraordinary results are achieved in the rehabilitation and mobilisation of athletes. Recovery time is significantly decreased allowing athletes to return to training faster and with less pain.


Near Infrared
& Light Therapy

Light therapy helps you heal and rehab sports injuries faster, with less pain. From elite pro athletes to world-class trainers and sports medicine professionals, the best in athletics are using light therapy to treat injuries, improve rehab, reduce pain and inflammation, and recover function.


  • Increases cell energy production
  • Anti-ageing effects on the skin
  • Decreases inflammation and oedema
  • Increases anti-oxidant defences
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Supports muscle strength and growth
  • Increases collagen production
  • Increases repair of damaged muscle fibre
  • Increases nerve regeneration
  • Increases bone and cartilage formation

Get back into action sooner
and with less pain!

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